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Advent calendar 18: Smygehuk, the southernmost point of Sweden

Advent calendar 2020: 18 - Smygehuk, the southernmost point of Sweden

Smygehuk is a small village near Trelleborg in Scania, which is the southernmost point of Sweden.

At this point, it’s actually nearer to the German capital Berlin (321km) than to the Swedish capital (510km)! Sweden’s northernmost point, Treriksröset (the cairn marking the border tripoint with Norway and Finland), lies 1581km away, even further than to Moscow (1489km) and Paris (1049km). What a big country Sweden is!

The nearby city of Trelleborg is, thanks to its very southern position, the gateway between Sweden and continental Europe. Ferries run from here to Germany and Poland, and the summer night train from Stockholm/Malmö to Berlin takes this way, getting onto the ferry in Trelleborg.