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Slussen Golden Bridge opens today, part of Stockholm hallmark project

New Slussen - render

The new Golden Bridge (Guldbron) at Slussen will open this morning (26th) for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

The bridge is part of the New Slussen project, construction of which started in 2016. The whole project will finish in 2025, creating a brand new public space for Stockholm. King Carl XVI Gustav opened the bridge in a ceremony on Sunday (25th).

The Golden Bridge was designed by the office of Foster + Partners and built by China. The successful delivery of the bridge by the vessel Zhen Hua 33, all the way from China to Sweden, through the narrow straits of the Stockholm archipelago, garnered attention from all over Sweden on the project.

The first sluice (sluss) in the area was built in 1637–1642 by Queen Christina, and the project today is the 5th generation sluice.

振華33號運載金橋抵達斯德哥爾摩。(圖: 斯德哥爾摩市政府)
Zhen Hua 33 arriving in Stockholm with the Golden Bridge (Photo: Stockholms Stad)
1642年落成的初代水閘。(圖: Wolfgang Hartmann, 1650)
The 1st generation sluice of 1642 (Artist: Wolfgang Hartmann, 1650)
新船閘地區落成後的模擬圖。(圖: 斯德哥爾摩市政府)
Rendering of the New Slussen area once completed (Photo: Stockholms Stad)