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Advent calendar 2020: 14. Nobel Week Lights

Advent calendar 2020: 14. Nobel Week Lights

Alfred Nobel died on 10 December 1896, the anniversary of which became Alfred Nobel Day, the day on which the Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm and Oslo.

Nobel Prize Outreach, the public promotion organisation for Nobel Foundation, organises the Nobel Week with events, such as lectures, to connect and engage with the public in developments in science and knowledge.

This year, Nobel Prize Outreach organised the Nobel Week Lights, a light show on many buildings around Stockholm. With night already coming at 3pm in Stockholm, the Lights provided a splendid opportunity for people to appreciate and enjoy Stockholm at night. Since the Nobel Week happens around the light-themed festival of Lucia, this gives the lights additional significance as a celebration of light in darkness.

The Nobel Week Lights ended yesterday. You can watch the reviews on the official website.