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Advent calendar 2020: 7. Vaxholm

Advent calendar 2020: 7. Vaxholm, the capital of Stockholm archipelago

Vaxholm, a town of about 5000 residents, is considered to be the “capital” of Stockholm archipelago.

The town has some hotels and restaurants, as well as a lot of boat tours that depart from the quay. But the most important attraction is the fortress built in 1548. The fortress sits at the sea entrance towards Stockholm, and is thus a very strategic location for the Swedish capital’s defence. It has seen action in wars fought against Denmark and Russia.

Vaxholm is, despite considered part of the archipelago, reachable by a fixed link highway. To reach Vaxholm, you can take a bus from KTH (outside Tekniska högskolan station), or take a ferry of the Waxholmsbolaget, which is named after the town. From Vaxholm, you can go further to many other islands, on which you can stay overnight in hotels, hostels or your own tent.

Vaxholm town
Vaxholm town centre