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Sweden suggests new tax for plastics cups and packaging from November 2021

以膠杯盛載嘅珍珠奶茶 Bubble tea in plastic cup

The Swedish government proposes new legislation for a plastic tax, applicable to one-time plastic cups and food packaging. Each plastic cup will cost 5 kronor more, while each food packaging will be taxed 7 kronor. Food that must be packed using one-time plastics, such as yoghurt, will be exempted.

以膠杯盛載嘅珍珠奶茶 Bubble tea in plastic cup
This cup of bubble tea sold in Sweden will be taxed 5 kronor more from November next year.

Non-biodegradable plastics are a major threat to ecology. Last year (2019) the European Union adopted a directive to ban the use of some one-use plastics, such as straws and utensils, from 2021. The proposed Swedish legislation goes a step further by taxing other one-use plastics as well.

The new tax is projected to bring an annual 38 billion kronor revenue to the treasury. The related price increases are expected to cost the average consumer around 300-900 kronor.

Source: Aftonbladet

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