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Sweden cancels all university admission exams in 2020

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic indoors, the Swedish government has announced the cancellation of the autumn university admission exam. As the spring exam has already been cancelled when the pandemic was peaking, this means that there are no admission exams in 2020.

Swedish universities select students on a double-track basis, which means high school (gymnasium) students can get into university either on the strength of in-school results or the national university admission exam. Therefore, despite the cancellation of the exams, students can still be admitted to universities with their school results.

The national university admission exam (högskoleprov) is normally held twice a year, to match the autumn (August/September) and spring (January) admissions.

To compensate, the Universities and Colleges Council (UHR) is considering holding two examinations next spring to alleviate the pent-up demand. The validity of results is also lengthened from five to eight years.

Source: Dagens industri