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Watch the sunset at Skanör, probably the most beautiful in Sweden

Skanör 日落秘景

Scania (Skåne) is the southernmost part of Sweden, only a sea apart from Denmark, Germany and Poland. With three sides facing the sea, Scania attracts many tourists at home and abroad for its scenery. One of the most beautiful of all is probably to be found in Skanör, within an hour by bus from Malmö.

The erstwhile market

Skanör is located at the southwest corner of Scania on a cape, at the tip of the Falsterbo peninsula. Its position means that it’s exposed to the sea and was a vibrant trading place during the Viking era and Middle Ages, after which it fell into obscurity and is now a fishing village by the sea.

Take bus number 100 from Malmö Centralstation to Skanör. It takes only 45 to 60 minutes.

Malmö Centralstation
Malmö Centralstation

Take the pedestrian and cycle path from the village centre out to the sea.

Midsummer pole
A midsummer pole for dancing around

There are ponds and swamps, with birds, cows and other animals!

Skanör is a cape that juts out to the western Öresund, which makes it an excellent spot to watch the sunset. You can also see the Öresund Bridge and the Danish capital Copenhagen from afar!

If you want to get cool in the water, there’s a nude beach (naturistbad) around 1km away! But please be careful, don’t swim in the dark, and stay safe!

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